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Car Rental Rates tend to increase all over the world and Faro airport car hire Portugal is no exception

The problem of the lack of rental cars across Europe and America is still unresolved and fleet renewal may even mean that prices do not drop after all. This is an excellent analysis that demonstrates that it is not by filling fleets that prices will decrease. You Drive had already been alerting its customers to this fact for some time now.

New routes to Faro airport where you can get economy Faro Car Hire in Algarve

The executive president of Ryanair came to Lisbon to announce that the new features for the summer of Ryanair in Portugal do not pass through Lisbon, the capital: the operation will be reinforced only in Porto and Faro, with 11 new routes to the North and eight to the South, in addition to of four new planes, two for each of those airports.

Algarve car hire foreseen shortage of cars for summer holidays
This year with the foreseeable recovery after the pandemic crisis, tourists will have to face a new constraint: The foreseeable decrease in rental cars may cause an increase in rental prices or even the total lack of rental cars.

Faster Rental Car Fines Algarve Portugal

Drivers of rental cars in Portugal who commit road traffic violations will now be issued fines more quickly according to the National Road Safety Authority (Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária - ANSR).